Veterinary Genesis Initiative


Veterinary Genesis Initiative [VGI] 

Merges with the Global Veterinary Ethics Congress

 An International Union of Veterinary Professionals and Allied Health Care Entrepreneurs

The Veterinary Genesis Initiative [VGI] is an international effort to improve and strengthen all aspects of Veterinary Medicine.

The merger with the Global Veterinary Ethics Congress {GVEC] creates a new call to action.  With this joint endeavor, there will be opportunities to establish growth, create positive change, and provide a coordinated focus in diverse veterinary disciplines.  This will lead to the development of new partnerships with other veterinary associations worldwide.

The Veterinary Genesis Initiative [VGI] will focus on many issues. 

Mentorship of young veterinary professionals

Creating channels to address burnout through advocating professional skills and advanced knowledge within the veterinary profession.

Establishing channels of care that will allow veterinarians to become a Voice of the Voiceless as they work outside their daily work routines to provide assistance to those that need help.

Independent and Joint Advocacy supporting our profession;  navigating systems of care and acting as a catalyst for change in situations that need immediate attention

Forming Partnerships with allied professional associations to allow joint cooperation and promoting bonds of growth for the veterinary profession

Opening doors to accelerate the principles of the Veterinary Nursing initiative on a global stage

Integrating Telehealth and Artificial Intelligence [AI] through international dialogue and conferencing

Working with Veterinary Students internationally to develop pathways of growth within the Human-Animal Bond

Establishing a Forum to discuss pressing issues for new graduates as described by our future veterinary workforce.

Addressing the need to supply answers to decrease the suicide rate within the veterinary profession

Finding the answers to Post Pandemic crisis elements that continue to plague the veterinary profession

Veterinarians, along with One Health, are stewards of creation with a responsibility to care for the Animal Kingdom and the Family of man.  This is especially important when looking at pandemics and zoonoses. The VGI will support this stewardship.

The Veterinary Genesis Initiative {VGI] is not static.  It is the opposite as it confronts issues of care and growth.  It seeks answers to demanding questions.  

The VGI partnering with other focus groups worldwide will be a positive forum of change.  

Please contact Don DeForge, VMD, Interim Chair of the Veterinary Genesis Initiative [VGI], with your ideas and your individual interest in becoming a part of  our growth with positive change. It is not here I am.... it is the is you are there!  Join with us and make a difference.




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